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Monday, August 15, 2011

Trip Report - Seal Cove, Maine

Kayak launch in Seal Cove

Paddling the quiet waters of Seal Cove
Seal Cove is on “the quiet side” of Mt. Desert Island.  This is a small working harbor that sees a few guided tour groups, but is much less crowded than Bar Harbor.  Again, we waited for a calm day with winds predicted to be 5mph or less.  We launched from the town ramp on Cape Rd.  The conditions were perfect.  The water was like glass and the only waves came from boat wake.  We were greeted in the harbor by a harbor seal.  I guess the place lives up to its name.
View of Seal Cove from our kayaks
We paddled out around Moose Island and watched a local lobster boat, Jenny G. II,  pulling traps.  The lobster boats do not motor in a straight line; they turn all over to get to the next trap.  To watch the boat swerving around, you would think the captain was drunk.  It is fun to watch, but presents a real problem for kayakers as you never know where they are going next.  The key is to look on the boat for a buoy.  Once you know the color of the buoy, you can look around in the water and find them.  Avoid the buoys, and you avoid the boats.  Be warned, lobster boats are working boats and have no patience for kayaks.  They will not turn to avoid you and they will not slow down to avoid creating a wake.  It is your responsibility to avoid them.
We had planned to venture up to Hardwood Island and make a landing, but our trip got delayed.  We spent so much time watching the pod of porpoises breach and come up for air that we never made it to Hardwood Island.  No matter, the show was amazing and we returned happy as two little clams.  We tried to get pictures and video of the porpoises, but as usual, all we got was footage of water and some great memories.

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