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Monday, June 3, 2013

Erie Canal - Fonda to Amsterdam

Fonda/Fultonville to Amsterdam

July 7, 2012.  We had to launch behind the abandoned motel in Fultonville because it was the weekend and the Canal Corp. yard where we had taken out the day before was closed.  The launch was about a ½ mile down canal and a group of us paddled back to the Canal Corp. then turned around just so we wouldn’t miss paddling that section of the canal.  The weather was a  bit threatening this day, but we paddled on.  Our lunch stop for the day was at the Schoharie Aqueduct and we did get rained on before heading through lock 12.  
Schoharie Aqueduct

Everyone knew we were getting near the end of this year’s trip, but I had devised a new method to keep them guessing just how far we were from the take out.  In year’s past, whenever someone asked how far it was to the next take out, I always answered that it was about a quarter of a mile.  Pretty soon, the regular group of paddlers caught on that my ¼ mile could be anywhere from ¼ mile to 5 miles.  This year, I just explained how far it was on the chart.  The canal is too big to put on one chart, so you have to make copies of the pages you need for leg of the journey.  Throughout the trip, I was constantly shuffling pages to get to the next section of canal.  So now when someone asked how far it was, I would reply, “About one and a half pages.”  

Eventually, I ran out of pages for this section and we arrived in Amsterdam, the end of this year’s journey.  The towns we went through, the people we met, and the beautiful scenery made this section of the canal an unexpected surprise.
Amsterdam was the end of this kayak trip

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