Kayaking on the Hudson

Friday, February 25, 2011

Kayak Review: Acadia 12ft. by Perception

This was the second boat we bought and like our Loon, we paddled the Acadia everywhere.  We crashed it down the Delaware River and braved the Atlantic Ocean and the Hudson River.  This was one of the first mass-appeal kayaks built and there are thousands of them out there.  It has a rear bulkhead and our Acadia never leaked in the 14 years we owned it.  Great for beginners, stable and fun.  12’6”, 50lbs.  This version is no longer in production.  Newer 12 ft. models have more hydrodynamic hulls and cushier seats.  Still, you can pick one up used pretty cheap.  Still a good boat for the money.
Acadia kayak after 13 seasons of use.  Still looks like new.

Uses: Beginning kayakers, flat water, general recreational use.

Pros: Early versions were made out of bomb-proof, heavy plastic.  Later versions saw a thinning of the plastic but were still pretty tough.  Dual channels help the boat track a little better.  Rear bulkhead and hatch.  Good deck rigging for a recreational kayak.  Very stable and easy to paddle.

Cons: Very slow kayak.  Does not track well (no 12ft. kayak does).  A little on the heavier side.  No front bulkhead so use float bags for safety.  Flat shape does not handle rough water well.


  1. I got one used a few years ago, complete with paddle and skirt for $200. It has a few scrapes from years of use off beaches, but it works great for my day-use on the Bay of Quinte, Ontario and at my cottage on Lac La Blanche in Quebec. I took mine on the St. Lawrence once and it handled the boat waves with considerable stability.

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