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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kayak Review: Loon by Old Town

Summary:  This was the first kayak I ever owned;
Loon Kayak by Old Town
a grey one that we nick-named the “grey whale.”   It was pretty basic- no bulkheads, no hatches, no bungees on the deck.  It was simple, but durable.  We paddled it for 13 seasons and it still looked like new when we sold it.  We paddled it just about everywhere- on lakes, down the Delaware River, out on the ocean in Maine.  It is no longer in production, but if you want a very stable, easy to paddle and virtually indestructible kayak, this may be a good choice.  13 ft. +/-, 50 lbs. approx.
Use: Beginner kayak, flat-water paddling.

Pros:  Awesome, 3-layer plastic construction.  It is stiffer, stronger and more durable than just about any other plastic out there.  Comfortable and easy to paddle.  Huge cockpit opening, big enough to bring my 50 lb. dog along for the ride.  Super stable.

Cons:  Most of these were built with no bulkheads, so use float-bags for added safety.  Cockpit opening is so big that there is only 1 spray skirt made that fits.  No bungees on the deck.  Easy fix to install your own.  (See picture for example) Very wide – great for beginners, like paddling a bath tub if you are an advanced kayaker.

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